Willkommen an Bord

We are reimagined. We are Nonstop.

The academy

For our more amateur pilots, we launched the Academy to help educate both those who have experience as well as those who need more. Pilots are given opportunities to learn proper flight procedures, and much more. 

Fly with us

Boasting a community of over 100+ strong, we are always on the lookout for more to join our ranks. Pilots are given numerous unique opportunities, both realistic and fantasy. Furthermore, our route database covers the entire globe, giving you endless destinations.

About us

Since its founding in 2018 and based upon the real world German airline Lufthansa, Nonstop Virtual has been home for many pilots in the Infinite Flight Community. Our primary missions is to ensure that they have the best experience they can.

Our operations

Built on a base of thousands of routes, a massive fleet, and some very unique programs and initiatives, Nonstop Virtual has been providing members with extensive and engaging opportunities.